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Learning & Development

Learning content, created for you. The way you want it, using the latest styles, learning ideas, methodologies and techniques.

Design for Learning

Designed to be engaging and interactive for every step of the learning journey.

Social Media

Research, design, planning and management to boost your social media platforms.

Training Delivery

We’ve got a great team of experienced trainers who’ll bring your learning to life.

About Us

We’ve been where you are. You need top quality, creative learning content, at great prices, but you’re sick of the same old, same old.

That’s why we created Learning & Design.

We’re an experienced, creative bunch with over 35 years between us (ouch). We’ve been designing, delivering and evaluating award winning learning materials and innovations for other people and businesses for years, ranging in size from sole traders to FTSE 100 giants. We got a little tired of that. Now we want to share our skills and help everyone.

We’ll work with you to create learning solutions for your business that meet your exact requirements. No more buying training that you have to adapt. No more having to put your branding and logos onto someone else’s work. Everything will be designed for you so it’s always the perfect match.

Why do we do it like this? Because we’ve been there and we know how frustrating it can be in a market flooded with generics. We create the training you really want, when you want it, at a price that won’t blow that precious L&D budget.



CLIENT Testimonials

Sara Hickman

We've worked with Jez for a long time and his creativity, style and grasp of our brand is essential to us. He manages our blog and social media presence, creates learning content for us and for our clients. The fresh approach and modern learning style has really helped us to blow our clients away with the results.

Ian Kaye
And Partnership

I've partnered with Jez on several projects over the years including coaching, management & leadership programmes. His attention to detail on both content and design is outstanding. He's a pleasure to work with and acts as a true partner throughout.

Aled James
Global Head of L&D

The SAS Programme designed by Jez was a game changer. It boosted morale, increased sales, engaged our teams and improved customer service scores around the world, it even went on to win a CIPD Award. Great job all round!

Jason Smith
Operations Director
Carefour Services

The dedication and passion Jez showed us in creating this project was second to none and the whole Carefour Team are beyond thrilled with the Training Academy that he created. It will enable us to effectively and safely deliver training in-house or at distance; so our care teams will have the knowledge they need to deliver the very best care in the community.

Angela Keeler
Angela Keeler Designs

Jez and I have always worked really closely together, and we've partnered on some really fantastic design projects. Between us, we've created some truly memorable learning materials.

Matt Jones
Senior Graphic Designer

I worked with Jez across different businesses and we've always partnered well together. We created some top notch designs to compliment the training he created and the finished article was always spot on.

Gavin Fudge
General Manager
Mutt Motorcycles

I've worked with Jez for years on some great projects. He always does what he says he will do, has a knack for helping people learn coupled with a sharp eye for design & branding.


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